Have fun, boys

Born in the wrong body” reads Jezebel’s synopsis of Boys Don’t Cry.

And so Teena Brandon, a gender non-conforming lesbian, has been claimed by the Transactivists.

Nowhere in Teena Brandon’s history did she identify as “trans” or as “in the wrong body.” Medical professionals and trans activists are all too eager to claim her as trans/wrong bodied. It fits their narrative nicely.

I’m sorry to inform y’all, but there is no “wrong body.” You are born into the body you are born into – male or female, no matter. Your body is perfectly fine. Your male body, your female body is beautiful. Your body is not a theory or a construct. Your body is not an abstraction. Your body is a biologically determined, finite, bit of flesh – enjoy that shit – you’re gonna be dead soon.

If your male body wants to wear glittery capes and eyeliner, that’s awesome! If your female body wants to wear suits and neckties, that’s fucking awesome, too! Let your boy children play with Barbies. Let your girl children play with trucks.

Fuck gender!

And if you can’t “fuck gender,” then at least be smart enough to acknowledge that as a male (and, yes, I’m addressing this to M2Ts) “gender identity” does not make you .female. You are not entitled to women’s spaces. You are not entitled to our restrooms. You are not entitled to any of our sacred spaces because you are not female. Female is not a feeling, rather it is a reality.

I’m sorry if this hurts the feelings of men who like the idea of being a woman. You can go on being girls, boys. Ain’t nobody gonna stop you. But just know, while you parody womanhood, you are NOT women. What you are doing is mimicking misogynist concepts of womanhood, what you are doing is re-enforcing patriarchy.

Your “feeling like a woman” is based on oppressive notions of gender/women.

And this will fall on deaf ears because it’ s written by a woman.

Have fun.



3 thoughts on “Have fun, boys

  1. Reblogged this on I'M NOT "TRANSGENDER" ANY MORE and commented:
    “Born in the wrong body,” “woman trapped in a man’s body,” all such thinking is profoundly arrogant and delusional. “Gender identity” is an obsessive irrational belief and profoundly disordered self-perception. M2Ts and F2Ts escape into an insane medical industry-promoted fantasy of narcissistic self-hated and self-mutilation, as well as shopping for body parts, whilst deeper emotional problems are glossed over and patriarchal sex role appearance/behavior stereotypes are reinforced.

  2. thank you! so succinct and to the point. (snark) too bad it was written by a woman. (snark) otherwise people might have listened. (metric fuck-ton of snark)

  3. One thing that makes me very skeptical of the mainstream trans belief that you are what you say you are, no exceptions, and if you object, you! are! a! bigot! is the way Brandon is regarded. Unless I’m mistaken, Brandon, as an adult, pursued sexual relationships with minor girls, and I’ve never seen anyone suggest that this was inappropriate behavior. I’m convinced that this is because people don’t see an adult lesbian having a sexual relationship with a minor as problematic. That’s just good, clean fun. They do, however, see an adult straight man having a sexual relationship with a minor as problematic. Even trans allies subconsciously view Brandon as a *lesbian* not as a man. If they regarded Brandon as a man, the possibility that “he” was a sexual predator would have entered the conversation at some point.

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