Can we have a week, fellas? Can we?

Recently Chad “Parker” Molloy wrote a piece of shit article for the Advocate, a publication that used to be about the gay and lesbian community, in which he derided the Michigan Womyn’s Festival as being “exclusionary” because it does not cater to the demands of men who feel like women. In the article, as he is wont, he conflates sex and gender, arguing there really is no difference between dudes who “feel like ladies” and women who were born as females (affording us all that fancy “cisprivilege”).

Naturally the comments that followed were largely written by men (by men, I mean “all men,” including those who feel like women). in support of Malloy’s stance. Naturally the comments that followed were peppered with contempt for women/women’s spaces.

Some folks called Molloy on his bullshit, which sent him into a Twitter meltdown about being harassed/upset/having the sads because mean feminists took offense to his attack on the one fucking week out of the motherfucking year when we get to have some space away from men/male feelings/fragile male egos.

Mean feminists calling him out on his bullshit made him very “dysphoric” and “depressed.”

Well you know what makes me feel “depressed and dysphoric”? Lemme give you a short list:

1)      When dudes claim that being a woman is a feeling.

2)      When dudes say that women can’t have a week to themselves.

3)      When straight dudes call themselves lesbians.

4)      When dudes say that feminists are “doing feminism wrong.”

5)      When dudes expect females to take time out of their busy fucking day to nursemaid your feelings, to humor your lady-charade.

These things make me feel depressed, dysphoric, and I haven’t even included the day-to-day bullshit that every single actual woman on the fucking planet deals with by virtue of being born female.

Mr. Molloy is not a victim. Mr. Molloy is a male with opinions, with entitlements who gets upset when women take issue with what he’s selling (misogyny, lesbophobia). Mr. Molloy is upset that women have sacred space to which they have denied his entry. In this respect, Mr. Molloy is no different than any man – when women say “no,” he has a nervous breakdown, whines, cries, stomps his feet, says we are being hateful.

Some have consoled Mr. Molloy by assuring him those of us who speak out against him and his ilk are but a “small minority,” but I can assure you, women who refuse what Molloy is selling are no small minority, and we are growing in our ranks.

Women talk. I talk. And every time I share my perspective about the trans agenda/ideology with women, they say, “You’re right. That actually makes sense.” And then they start talking, they voice their concerns, their objections. These conversations are taking place more frequently than would make most M2T’s comfortable.

It goes without saying (but must be said because someone will accuse me of this), I believe people should be able to live their lives however they wish. If it makes a male more comfortable to take estrogen, to wear skirts and tube tops – go for it. I happen to feel more comfortable in what we call “men’s clothes.” I keep my hair short. I generally don’t cross my legs nor skip nor deliver my statements as interrogatives.

Do what you like, and like what you do, but don’t hurt anyone in the process. That’s kind of my philosophy, and I suppose many trans folks share that with me. But guess what? When you’re a man insisting entry into female spaces, you ARE hurting people – you’re hurting actual women. This isn’t about anyone policing your right to express yourself – express away. This is about acknowledging that biology is real and women need time away from males. This is about respecting reality – just as my blazers, neckties and estrogen blockers (cancer related) don’t make me male, your heels and fake tits don’t make you female. Can we just accept this and move on?

Start trans only spaces, women will respect that. Start trans only healthcare  facilities and shelters, women will respect that. Demand your rights to a full and equal life as trans people, and I guarantee you that women will respect that, too. But when you encroach upon the little bit of space women have eked out for themselves, we’re going to push back. When you attempt to colonize that which, for females, is sacrosanct, we’re going to get nasty.

I’m sorry if that hurts the feelings of transwomen, but the only feelings I’m responsible for are my own.


4 thoughts on “Can we have a week, fellas? Can we?

  1. And…. right on cue.
    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Chops Off Her Hair Amid Report Brad And Angelina Are Helping Her Gender Transition—See The Photos!

    Even men online, who normally take no interest in such reaches, are noticing how orchestrated this trans-push campaign looks.

  2. And a cool response to one of the spate of articles in various places re Germaine Greer and her banning from a campus.

    [commenter] ,Joseph Jones
    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The great danger here isn’t people like Greer, but the Trans Fascist Cult itself, which harasses and silences those who disagree with their ideology, infringe on the rights of others by invading spaces reserved for specific biological sexes (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.), re-writing history to assert their importance (sorry, there were no transgenders at Stonewall) and, most dangerously, persuading parents and health professionals to indoctrinate children to the transgender ideology, including pumping them with hormones and puberty blockers, simply because they don’t conform to traditional gender roles, despite research that shows the vast majority of gender dysphoric children outgrow this by their teens and likely grow up to be gay.

    The transgender ideology is regressive, not progressive; whereas feminism and gay/lesbian activists advocate for expanding and re-defining concepts of gender, the trans ideology insists on re-asserting and codifying traditional concepts of gender.”

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