Where does it end?

It should come as no surprise to women that it is women who are, often, the loudest defenders of allowing males into female space. After all, we’ve been groomed, from day one, to accommodate males/male ego, usually to our own detriment. Women have also been groomed to mistrust other women. We need look no further than the stories our culture tells – in literature, in film – to see how rarely women are presented as liking one another, much less trusting one another. (“Divide and conquer” is a common strategy long used by oppressors to prevent uprisings.)

It should also come as no surprise that it is males who are least inclined to respect females’ boundaries; when boundaries are drawn, males will gaslight, shout, name call, and rape. As women, patriarchal scaffolding dictates we must perceive the anger of males as “just indignation.” As women, the dominant paradigm insists that in the face of male dissatisfaction, we must view ourselves as culpable. And so, it should come as little surprise that MtT’s spend the vast majority of their “activism” working to violate women’s boundaries – MichFest, rape crisis centers, lesbian organizations – and that females are all-too-often the ones supporting them in their “cause.”

Given all of this, I shouldn’t have been as utterly dismayed as I was to read the following in the Huffington Post, a piece on MichFest written by a woman who is also a lesbian:

“Once, I would have agreed with the only-born-as-a-woman policy and said, “No, if you still have a penis or an Adam’s apple, you are not a woman, and therefore you are not allowed into MichFest.” Now I find such a view as embarrassing as my leather pants. One reason for such an event is to end the isolation of a group of people who have been kept down in society. Who could be more isolated than a male-assigned person who is really a woman — transsexual or a woman in transition who has always felt like a woman but has never been welcomed into the women’s communIty? I believe that anyone who identifies as a woman should able to attend.” (Zelman, “Everything Changes”)

The bit that stands out to me most is the phrase that illuminates just how bamboozled women have been by the trans/queer agenda: “Who could be more isolated than a male-assigned person who is really a woman . . .”

Hmm. Who could be more isolated than that? I don’t know . . . maybe a little girl who is being sexually abused by a relative? A young woman of color who has been raped? A lesbian who is being told she is a bigot for not wanting sex with males? A female child who has been sold into prostitution? A woman who is being told her desire for space away from men is a human rights violation?  Shall I go on? Shall I name all the horrors that are part of many, many women and girl’s daily realities? Horrors that, I would argue, isolate and harm far more than any “denial to access a music festival” ever could?

Moreover, if we are to adopt what this writer (and so very many others) are suggesting, “Anyone who identifies as a woman should be able to attend” – does that mean if my bearded, masculine father calls himself a “woman” for a day, he should be able to attend, too? Where does this end? Where does this ideology go from political correctness to madness? (I would contend it has already.)

One must ask why MtT’s cannot create their own shelters, their own sacred spaces. Could it be that as males, they see women’s spaces as foreign lands it would be exciting to visit? Could it be that as males they feel entitled to colonize women’s spaces (as men have done for thousands of years)? Why this insistence on either a) destroying or b) appropriating spaces that have been designed expressly to cater to females and the distinct female experience?  If I call this pointed destruction of women only space misogyny will I be called transphobic? Surely.

* And as an aside, there is an incredibly strong undercurrent of racism that runs through the language of many MtT trans activists. A question that’s been posed to me on this blog is, “Do you think there should be ‘white only’ spaces?” Well, no. I don’t. Whites are not oppressed. The United States itself is “white only” space. Just like males are not oppressed – particularly not white males. And I do, unequivocally, believe people of color, women of color, are entitled to spaces away from white people and white women. Just like I believe women are entitled to space away from males. Lesbians are entitled to space away from straight people. The oppressed are all, in my view, entitled to, and deserving of, space away from their oppressors and the egos of their oppressors.

Which brings me to another branch of this discussion. We cannot examine the insistence of MtT “activists” on having access to women’s spaces without examining the MtT’s insistence on having access to lesbian bodies. This is perhaps the most troubling and terrifying aspect of trans/queer ideology. We have reached a place where lesbians are regularly called “phobic” for resisting acceptance of penis as female, for resisting sexual engagement with male bodies.  We are told to “examine our transphobia” and to “reconsider the penis.” (If this is not 1950s style reparative therapy, I don’t know what is.) We are told that penis is not a tool of rape. We are told we should be comfortable with exposure to male genitalia in our restrooms, our locker rooms, our women-only events.

If one ever doubts the male ego fueling the MtT trans “movement,” let us consider this rampant insistence – “we should have your space,” “our interests should take precedence over yours,” “you should have sex with us or else you’re hateful.”

As a lesbian, I’ve had my fair share of crushes on straight women. However, I’ve never felt entitled to straight women (or other lesbians, for that matter). I have never insisted that a straight woman “reconsider” her desire not to have sex with other women. I have never called a straight woman a “homophobe” for not reciprocating an interest in me. To do so would be madness. To do so would be to transgress human decency. To do so would be to actively partake in rape culture.

And to be perfectly honest, I do not know a single lesbian who has ever operated this way. I do, however, know – from first hand experience and anecdotes – plenty of men (including those who “feel like women”) who have done precisely what I’ve just described.  Instead of resisting it, as women should, the queer/trans ideology has taught us to embrace it. Queer/trans ideology has told us if we resist our own colonization, if we resist the rape-rhetoric of “male lesbians,” then we are bigots. This is a lie.

Lastly, I know plenty of males read this blog. I see their comments. They call me a bitch. They tell me to burn in hell. They tell me, on my own blog, to “shut up.” Their woman-face/woman-identity cannot belie their male privilege and conditioning.  But really, I don’t care about these men. I care about women. I care about the fact that this issue is, like every other outpost of the patriarchy, pitting females against one another, forcing females to work against their best interest in order to placate males, encouraging women to dismantle the only safe spaces that exist to them while convincing us our self-harm is “revolutionary” or in some way “liberating,” asking us to celebrate our own erasure, to sacrifice our needs, our gains at the altar of male ego.

That’s what is tragic to me.

* Link to the Huffington Post article referenced above may be found here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cindy-zelman/everything-changes-even-my-shoes-evolving-past-my-own-transphobia-and-internalized-homophobia_b_3298684.html


One thought on “Where does it end?

  1. The problem isn’t in her reasoning, it’s in her all too common acceptance of gender being synonymous with sex and transsexual with “transgender. ” Both of which are the result of machinations by heterosexual white male cross dressers to avoid the patriarchal shame in their effecting the sexual trappings assigned to women.
    Transsexual was and always has been a rather rare condition. One in which the person affected feels themselves to be the wrong sex. It’s NOT about gender, it’s not about expression, it’s not about performance, it’s about having a body which doesn’t mesh with the person’s most basic sense of who they are as a human. The transsexual pre transition has but one desire. To be able to plant both feet in one sex or the other. End of story. And as to date there’s no way to change the sense of being. Addapting the body as much as is humanly possible must be done. The transsexual will turn heaven and hell to make that happen, and when it does, the dysphoria is banished. They go on to live lives that are for the most part indistinguishable from those never touched by any of this.
    Alas, the activists play on the conflation by letting the world think they are transsexual when nothing could be further from the truth. 60 year old men parading around behind confused kids working to insure everyone thinks them the same because if the truth ever comes to light. Their march towards getting access to women’s spaces comes to a screeching halt.
    Pity in all this is that by accepting the conflation, the radical feminist movement comes of as meanspirited and bigoted when the goal is as pure as the driven snow.
    But there is a way past this. Draw that line in the sand between those who are afflicted with a very real medical issue from the legions of panty whacking fetishists and you’ll find the world backing you up 100% don’t, and you will find yourself further and further marginalized as modern Cassandras.

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