Yeah . . . no

I’m not in the habit, on this blog, of naming individuals who make asses of themselves on the internets. As Sr. Aloysius says in the play Doubt, “I’m more interested in actions.” This entry will be no exception.

Yesterday, a trans activist – who has been given space on both Transadvocate and Swirl Radio — openly, frantically emoted on Twitter, mostly against Cathy Brennan. The display was truly sad and disturbing – one moment updating his followers on the status of a dying family member, the next moment attacking a woman whose ideology upsets him.

The spectacle was depressing, really. Mental illness has been a scourge on my own family line, and I have absolute empathy for those who suffer from it. However, the buck stops at death threats.

At one point in this person’s tirade, he threatened the lives of not only Cathy Brennan, but also her children. Those of you who saw the Tweet know it was bone chilling.

Not only was it disturbing, but the death threat was preceded by incessant manipulative declarations of “if she doesn’t . . .”

Where have we heard this before? This is the rhetoric of rapists, of abusers. “If you don’t put out/apologize/be nice, then I will rape/murder/kill.” This is the rhetoric of violent men.  This is a trans activist that has been vetted and legitimized by the trans community. Sisters, THIS is what the movement defends.

I can guarantee you if a lesbian feminist had threatened the lives of a MtT’s children, it would be plastered across the front of the Huffington fucking Post. If a lesbian feminist drew a shitty cartoon of a MtT, it would be considered a human rights violation. And yet – shock of shocks – I see no radical feminists drawing bigoted, ugly caricatures of  MtT’s. I see virtually no radical feminists threatening the lives of MtT’s or their families.

What I do see is women being critical of the trans-nonsense. What I do see is women standing up for themselves, much to the hostile chagrin of men who “feel like ladies.” What I do see is violently male abuse from men who insist on having access to women’s space.

Conveniently, the man who threatened Cathy Brennan and her children with death “can’t remember” what he wrote. He was “blackout drunk.” Oh, and also, his brother was dying. That makes it okay, right?

You know what? I’ve had some real tragic shit happen in my life. I’ve been damn angry.

But you know what I’ve never done? Threatened to kill someone. That, I’ve never done.

I’ve also known some profoundly mentally ill folks, and you know what they never did? Threaten to kill someone.

If you threaten to kill someone, that’s on you. That’s YOUR psychosis. That’s YOUR problem, and you have to own it.

If you can’t handle dissent, if ideological differences upset you to such a degree that you’re willing to threaten children, then brother, your problems transcend Twitter – get thee to a mental health institution!

Sisters, here are your trans activists – a violent, mentally ill man and his idiot brethren.

(By the way, a defender of this man is another man who plagiarizes this blog and draws woman-hating cartoons.)

2 thoughts on “Yeah . . . no

  1. Is there any particular reason why you’re protecting this person? It seems to me the only way to stop this behavior is to name and shame.

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