How To Be A Good Ally To Trannies

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Like everyone else, my jaw dropped to the floor during the Oscars, when former LGBT advocate Ellen DeGeneres went on a racist, transphobic rant against Liza Minnelli, transsexuals, transvetites, transgenders, transmen, and transwomen alike. It’s really gross and disgusting that it’s 2014 and every award show is still filled with hate speech towards everyone who isn’t a white cis man.

“I hate drag queens and gay people,” joked Ellen. “I think we should round up all transsexuals and exterminate them like Russian dogs.” The crowd laughed, but I didn’t. “The only thing that looks worse than Liza Mannelli is Pharrell’s hat, and both belong in the Canadian tundra, where they are out of sight and the harsh winter can swiftly remove them from existence.” The laughter in the crowd came to a rolling boil. I sat in my chair, literally shaking.

Unfortunately, the night’s travesty didn’t end…

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One thought on “How To Be A Good Ally To Trannies

  1. “It’s really important to understand that being a good ally means never saying anything at all. Allies listen and acquiesce, they don’t offer empathy and they certainly don’t offer an opinion.”

    This literally made me cringe.

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