Bravo, boys

Breaking news: women are no longer allowed to disagree with men.


Oh, no. If we disagree, if we speak out, we’ll have our home addresses published. We’ll have our personal information hacked and put on Twitter so that violent males and their handmaidens may frighten, bully, and harass us (and our families).

If women speak up, they will be threatened into submission.

This is a time-honored male tactic: make women vulnerable, make them frightened of their vulnerability, and then make women submit – to male needs, male ideology, male ego.

This is NOT a woman’s approach to dissention. THIS is male aggression. THIS is an attempt, on behalf of a man, to open women up to threats and violence. Period.

Knowing – with our eyes, brain, and body – that a person is male is NOT an act of aggression. Knowing – based on public record – that a male IS male is NOT an act of aggression. Women who have basic, perceptive abilities are NOT criminals.

Publishing the home addresses of women who disagree with men who “feel like” women is unscrupulous, unconscionable, and violent, as the only aim in the effort is to subject the dissenter to abuse.

So here, ladies and gents, is your hero transactivist – a person who goes out of their way to hack and publicize the addresses of women, in an effort to have them stalked, harassed and, perhaps, murdered. (And, oh yes, how trans women are traumatized — no one is publishing their address.)

Bravo, boys! You’ve proven your womanhood by being violent, women-hating men.


One thought on “Bravo, boys

  1. Whenever women disagree with violent men or don’t cater to their delusions, they dox us and give out our addresses to psychopaths. I have never seen any women try to dox this men and make their addresses public. The only time I’ve seen men get doxxed is when there was a pedophile blog on tumblr and even then the person who did the doxxing just gave the information to the proper authorities.

    These men are terrorists.

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