Hate to break it to you, but Butch and Femme is ALSO Gender

Gender Fatigue

Much has been written on the butch/femme dynamic and whether it is incompatible with Women’s Liberation. Indeed, much has been written about “the Butch Identity” and “the Femme Identity,” including by Lesbians like Dirt and Bev Jo who are extremely gender (transgender) critical. Bev Jo suggests that the “Butch Identity” is the “true woman identity” because it does not cater to the Male Gaze, thus concluding that Butches are somehow more oppressed than Femmes (who, presumably, are Femme because they want to cater to the Male Gaze).

There is a lack of recognition, it seems, among these transgender-critical activists that Butch and Femme are also gender. And although you might arrive at a different conclusion about the relative harms or benefits of Butch and Femme as “beauty” or “cultural” practices by Women than the conclusion you would reach about a grown man deciding he’s a lady and trying to enter women-only…

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One thought on “Hate to break it to you, but Butch and Femme is ALSO Gender

  1. Ugh, that post. She hates butches so much and misrepresents us all by making it sound like we all believe what people like Bev Jo and Dirt believe. Nothing but horrible caricatures,misrepresentations, and generalizations in that post written by someone who is not a butch woman but feels she can speeak for ALL butch women. :o(

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