2 thoughts on “What Does Being “Cis” Mean For A Woman?

  1. “calling a girl cis isn’t sexist, it’s a biological term, not a slur”

    I love how they use a slur in order to explain away another slur.

    Also, how could “cis” be a biological term when it’s usually defined through gender??

  2. As I read “his” comments, I heard an overwhelming and consistent noise; a toilet flushing.
    Apparently, his acrid hatred of women can barely be contained.
    Thanks to Twit ter for limiting characters….but certainly not the right ones.
    Every time I see this vile hatred towards women it only firms up my position that the revolution has yet to come and I know who my enemies are.
    Thanks again for writing a beautifully worded, true-to -the-cause piece. I support you 150%.

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