Fuck your equality

So the other day, Gender Identity Watch’s Twitter account was suspended. Some will interpret this as a great victory; some will see Twitter (a company), not unlike Facebook (also a company), as the benevolent arbiter of “good” and “evil” of “right” and “wrong.” (As a culture, we’re so fucking stupid that we only ever think in generalizations – Bad? Good? Right? Wrong? Nice? Mean?) But it’s not about “right” over “wrong” or “good” versus “evil.” Because while those vague concepts might play well in a comic book or some trite bit of fiction, discourse, real, actual, intellectual discourse is a bit more nuanced than these clumsy abstractions. And real discourse, real thinking, the kind that really exercises the gray matter is not fucking comfortable.  Everything can’t always “feel good” — and men, of course, have a hard time with this concept because for men, if something doesn’t “feel good” (to them), then it shouldn’t exist.

Apparently, what caused GIDWATCH to be suspended, was that the account was revealing names (public information) of people (men, by and large) who had signed an anti-lesbian petition against MichFest. No one was outraged that a bunch of dudes were diligently working to eviscerate a space for lesbians – just as no one was outraged when Laverne Cox fawned over a man who raped, tortured, and burned an adolescent girl – but people were outraged when women said things that made men have unpleasant feelings.

The Gender Identity Watch website posted a few choice comments from the aforementioned petition:

“Transgender women shouldn’t be excluded from women’s spaces. I doubt Michfest is all about menstruation or some other only cisgender-relatable experience, so what’s the big deal?” – How like a dude. “Uh, is it, like, uh, about periods? ‘Cause if it is, I don’t want to be near that shit.”

“I will never support a festival bent on excluding the most vulnerable among us. Get on the right side of history or continue to watch the festival lose relevancy.” – “The most vulnerable among us” – huh. I wasn’t aware that MichFest excluded women and children. Wait, it DOESN’T.

“Any person is more than the sum of their parts. There is nothing radical about clinging to the tired old assumption that gender is set in stone at birth.” – We don’t cling to that assumption, because we understand that gender is LEARNED not INHERENT. Being female has nothing to do with gender. How many fucking times do we have to revisit this. JEN-DER: NOT SAME AS BY-OL-O-GEE.

Alas, the trans/queer movement is male driven. The trans/queer movement is about preserving the status quo, upholding society as it is; the trans/queer movement hinges on the assertions that we can (and should) modify ourselves to fit within the hideous system as it is, and that if we give new names to things, those things are fundamentally transformed – but, see, I can call my dog a cat, and he’s still a fucking dog.  The trans/queer movement is without self-awareness, it is a movement of profound, willful, anti-intellectualism. It is a movement that maintains, “If I am doing what I want to do, if THIS feels good to me, then there are no problems.” The trans/queer movement is, at its core, a movement that wishes not to challenge the patriarchy, or any dominant paradigms, but rather one that seeks to rearrange the detritus of our broken social systems around itself so that it, too, may “belong.”

Radical Feminists, on the other hand, don’t wish to find “in-roads” with the patriarchy.

I love when liberal feminists and “fun feminists” and men who call themselves feminists say that feminism is about “equality.” Fuck your equality. I don’t want to be equal with anyone or anything in a system that is so spectacularly fucked. Radical Feminists don’t want to find a nice room within the patriarchy, we want to burn the fucking house down.

And really, every time radical feminists are de-platformed, are censored, are labeled “hateful bigots” for holding an informed perspective, it should only serve to remind us that there isn’t a corner of our society that truly gives a fuck about women. Every time Radical Feminists are bullied into using the words and terms that males (even those who feel like ladies) have created, or co-opted, it should serve to illustrate how incredibly poisonous the culture is for women. Every time a man signs a petition in an effort to destroy female-only space, it should make your blood run cold – it does mine.

All of this is masked under some pursuit of “equality.” People love to rant about “equality” and “let’s just all get along,” because that’s easy, because that doesn’t really challenge anything, or mean anything, because terms like “equality” infer that our sick, misogynistic culture is worth saving, because terms like “equality” usually mean that the oppressed group should suck dick – sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

Never let the trans/queer activists’  tantrums delude you into believing that your lived, female reality is an abstraction open to debate, or that it is hateful to disagree with their dogma, or that it is bigotry to refuse to play their lexical games; never buy into the bullshit notion that silencing women is ever about making the world a better place – it’s only censorship designed to make sure that women know their place.

3 thoughts on “Fuck your equality

  1. Males have been opposed to MichFest even before they decided to “transition.” It’s just that now they can “identify” as females and have that stupid t-shirt “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body” motto taken seriously. MichFest will never lose relevancy!

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