So apparently the blogger GallusMag has been “outed” by trans – ahem – “activists.” And apparently these trans “activists” are screaming all over the internet-sphere about what a victory this is for . . . for . . . uh, something? A victory for male hackers, I guess? I don’t fucking know.

What I do know is that the language around the alleged “outing” of GallusMag has been, not unsurprisingly, problematic and scary.

The people claiming responsibility for doxxing this blogger are all, notably, males who identify as female and as they share details of GallusMag’s alleged identity, home address, image they warn their minions “do not inflict violence.”

Can we take a moment to address the fact that women seldom (if ever), when confronted with an idea or public figure they dislike, have to be warned, “don’t be violent”? Christ, if I had a nickel for every time someone warned me to “not react violently,” I’d have . . . ZERO FUCKING NICKELS.

Because reacting violently to ideology is male behavior.

Because reacting violently to people who disagree with my perspective is male behavior.

Because making sick, violent threats is male behavior.

Because being violently lesbophobic is male behavior.

And despite what lefty-fun-times rhetoric will tell you, knowing penis is male is NOT violence. Basic biology is NOT a hostile conceit. And your psychological hangups are not the fault of women who know how to think critically about gender.

Both men and men-who-identify-as-women love to blame women/lesbians/feminists for their drug abuse, their psychoses, their suicide rates. This is nothing new. This has been going on since the beginning of fucking time. To this day, men invoke the “she provoked me” defense in domestic violence and rape trials.

I don’t know much about the blogger GallusMag.  I do know that she’s being wrongly, ridiculously accused of inflicting violence on males who want their reality to be other than what it is.

And, just as I learned to take responsibility for my shit and stop blaming my “mommy and daddy” for my neuroses, maybe males, even the ones who “feel like” women, should stop blaming dykes and radical feminists for their problems. Own your own shit. Be honest with yourself. Grow the fuck up.

How decidedly, refreshingly, female that would be.

5 thoughts on “Dumb

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  2. These idiots always get the wrong woman. Can’t blame Gallus Mag for staying anon when they are so desperate to find her and inflict violence and harassment on her. There’s a lot of politicians I don’t like, but you don’t see me stalking them. I have also never had anyone tell me not to get violent either.

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