Hey, stupid feminists! Shut up!

In the article below, a male tells us ladies how we should embrace our SEXUALITY.

I mean, seriously. C’mon. We should totally stop being such bitches and just accept that it’s totally EMPOWERING AND AWESOME to objectify ourselves, because this dude who knows ALL ABOUT BEING A LADY says so.

There are so many problems with this article, I don’t even know where to begin. But let me assure you, my readers, of this – “sex positive” feminism has nothing to do with females being regarded as human beings. “Sex positive” feminism merely makes “feminism” more palatable to males in an effort to make you, as women, more accessible to men and to deprive the word “Feminism” of any meaning whatsoever. Hell, EVERYONE is a feminist! The guy who wrote this article is a fucking feminist! Enjoy your subjugation! If you don’t, you’re not a feminist!

C’mon, broads! Feel empowered by your systemic rape, harassment, isolation and abuse. You just don’t GET it.

Sorry, I’m a stupid transphobic cis woman. I have no business speaking on this matter. (How quickly my vagina and uterus allow me to forget.)

Here, let this man in ladyface explain your lady-reality to you. Enjoy.


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