4 thoughts on “On Planet Fitness and the question of judgment

  1. “And, when he grows from a boy into a man, let him fall in love with normal gay men who might love him back ”

    Um, i hope that was a joke. Given the rest of your article i would assume that you accept that a boy could like what society has deemed “girly” and still have the right to be straight.

    1. However, we do know from the available evidence that most children who are now pegged as transgendered would have grown up to be gay or lesbian respectively. There are some cross-dressers who started as kids and grow up to be straight or bi but they seem to be in the minority.

      I’m talking about habitual cross-dressing here, by the way, not the occasional experimentation with gender boundaries that most kids do when they’re very young. My daughter went through a phase of talking either in “boy voice” or “girl voice” when she was a few years younger. She’s ten now and knows she’s a girl.

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