“Oh my GOD, Diane!” – Brief thoughts on Bruce Jenner

Great piece about the Bruce Jenner circus.


The most delusional snippet of Bruce Jenner’s two hour – TWO HOUR! not even Richard Nixon got that much air time! – “interview” with the extremely accommodating, softballing Diane Sawyer who is now dead to me, was none of the following:

  • When Jenner rolled his eyes, spoke condescendingly to Sawyer and mocked her: (“Oh my GOD, Diane!”)
  • When Jenner fixed Sawyer with batshit-crazy pinwheel eyes and said “UNDERSTAND?” in a tone that every woman knows means, “Shut your mouth, bitch.”
  • When Jenner – who has no ovaries or uterus or breasts and has never had a period or a yeast infection or a pregnancy scare; who has never checked the backseat of his car for rapists and who never had to wait for his male classmates to finish using his high school or college gym so he could get in to train) said, “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”
  • When…

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One thought on ““Oh my GOD, Diane!” – Brief thoughts on Bruce Jenner

  1. I’m so terribly upset and infuriated by the recent Smith College bullshit!

    I really DO NOT UNDERSTAND why literally no WOMEN’S RIGHT organisations or GAY AND LESBIAN RIGHTS organisations are NOT speaking up and speaking against this travesty?!

    Why are men allowed to disrespect, violate and forcefully demand entry to women only safe spaces and women only spaces, facilities etc?!


    I’ve been reading up on this for a while now but I really want to know how I can help stop this bullying and oppression towards girls, women and especially lesbians?

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