A moment of honesty from Everydaymisogyny.com


Everydaymisogyny.com is a site I try to avoid/ignore/forget about because its very existence serves to remind me what a pathetic, embarrassing, whiny, narcissistic, useless cock-centric waste of time and thought liberal “feminism” is. In fact, the very bowels of liberal feminism are represented by Everydaymisogyny.com and, frankly, it’s fucking depressing – not just because it’s stupid and worthless, but because it demonstrates how completely lost young women are, how completely void of a political analysis they are, how deeply brainwashed they are by the men at the helm of the gender cult.

Let’s just be honest: feminism is dead. What the dominant culture calls feminism is a zombified version of the actual thing – a word that’s been made palatable for men, that’s been glittered over, the brains sucked out, and sold back to young women in the form of empowerment through fucking for money, sucking dick, and kissing the asses of men who have appropriated woman-hating stereotypes in order to calm the waters of their deeply troubled gender-obsessed psyches. A plasticized shell of feminism has been sold back to women. And women, sadly, have bought it.

The thing is, Liberal Feminism is easy.

Liberal feminism resigns itself to the status quo: men are in charge, they always will be, deal with it. Liberal feminism reinforces antiquated hierarchies – ladies think/feel/do x, guys think/feel/do y. Liberal feminism, not unlike the Religious Right, derides science and medicine and plain facts when they do not align themselves neatly with our fragile feelings.

Liberal Feminism is a religion that, like all religions, operates and thrives on blind faith.

Liberal Feminism is about sheer complacency – and complacency feels better. It feels better to not have to engage in a political/class analysis. It feels better to turn inward, obsess and theorize about the self incessantly. And when we are so turned inward, we can’t see – much less name or identify — the bigger, more malicious schisms at play.

Liberal Feminism is fun, is mental Cheetos – Cheetos are fucking great, but if you subsist on them, eventually you’ll get gout or worse.

Here’s the truth: no gain women, as a class, have ever achieved has come as a result of being “nice,” of pandering to men’s feelings. No gain women, as a class, have ever achieved has come as a result of embracing the very stereotypes that exist to weaken us, to trivialize our lives. No gain women, as a class, have ever achieved has come as the result of centering the needs of men. That’s not how it works. And liberal feminists can scream about “intersectionality” until they’re blue in the face, but that term, when applied to feminism, simply means “play nice, center men, forget your needs as a class, because the very notion of ‘woman’ is nothing more than a feeling, a spectre, a hunch – and you’re not all that important.”

Liberal Feminism is empty, is “for everyone” therefore it’s not for anyone, not a cohesive movement, there is no center. For example, to return to the Cheetos metaphor, if I buy a bag of Cheetos and say “These are my Cheetos, but they’re also for my dog, my cat, my brother, that dude in the pirate suit over there, and Ron Jeremy” then are they my Cheetos? No. They’re everyone’s Cheetos. Fuck, even though I paid for them, I’ll probably not even GET any Cheetos because I’ve offered the bag to everyone.

However, because I’ve shared my Cheetos I’ll be seen as nice (important for ladies), and my dog, my brother, and Ron Jeremy will be happy because they got Cheetos for free, because I paid for them. And oh, sisters, you are already paying for the shitty Cheetos that you do not even get to enjoy. Trust me.

Transgenderism is an outgrowth of the Liberal Feminism, one mushroom that grew out of the “everybody and everything” compost heap we now call “feminism.”

Transgenderism asserts that “a woman is whatever a man says it is.” (And yes, the use of “it” is deliberate. Because when you assert that female is a feeling, that the word means whatever anyone says, then female is no longer an actual human being, but an empty, malleable it – an object, a thing.) This way of thinking is very convenient for men. Very convenient for patriarchy. This way of thinking SEEMS novel, but in fact, this is really a very old, tried and true way of keeping women in their place.

And transgenderism has allowed men to dictate what is important, what ought to be prioritized by women: 1) a man’s need to be seen as a woman is super important 2) validation of males’ “lady feels” is of cardinal importance 3) identities trump female reality. Liberal Feminism, therefore, has devolved into nothing more than a gigantic costume party where all the attendees are complimenting one another, marveling at the garb: Hey, everybody! I’m a pansexual demi-boi! Viva la revolucion!

I’ve written considerably on this blog about the degree to which men work to control language. Language control is essential for any group wishing to remain in power. Men shape language. Men dictate how language will be used. This ability to craft and direct language is practically the birthright of all men. We see this “right” exercised often by transgender activists – almost all male – who are tirelessly insistent about how women may and may not discuss their bodies, their realities. In order for men to satiate their need to have their invented female identities validated, they must ensure that women discuss “female” in a way that suits this need. If we are to say that penis is male, then we are not accommodating the fantasy of males who believe they are female. If we say that women menstruate, then we are not accommodating the fantasy of males who believe they are female. Et cetera. Et cetera.

Oh, and cleverly, if we do not twist and warp our language to placate men, we are called “transphobic bigots.”

In any case, back to Everydaymisogyny.com. I actually found the article that inspired this post somewhat refreshing in its blatant honesty. I, and other women who see this issue as I see it, have known for quite some time that one of the aims of transgenderism (a “movement” founded by men, for men) was to completely dismantle feminist theory and thought.

This strategy makes sense: if you are trying to convince women that their reality is “a suspicion,” if you are trying to convince women that their femaleness is little more than a vague notion, a concept, a theory, then you simply cannot allow feminist theory, dialogue, action to exist.

Feminism, in its purest form, acknowledges the reality of women’s lives. Feminism, at one time in history, acknowledged that women and girls are a class of people. Feminism, at one time, acknowledged that gender is a harmful, socially mandated performance designed and perpetuated by males to subjugate women.

Real feminist thought, therefore, poses a real, discernable threat to men (and women) who have embraced the junk-science of “lady brain,” who have become convinced that female is nothing more than a feeling, who have, by way of male entitlement, come to believe that it is their RIGHT to claim womanhood for themselves, that it is their RIGHT to have their feelings validated, and that any woman who dare notice the ruse, who question the faith, is a bitch, a bigot, a TERF.

So feminism must be dismantled.

Now, women know – whether or not they want to admit it – that feminism, historically, has done good things for women, so while many women are happy to prioritize transgenderism, most women would not be all-too-eager to get on board with a “kill feminism” movement (though, ostensibly, that’s what’s happened/is happening). So, the culture, dictated by males and males-who-feel-like-ladies, has sold women something called Feminism – a sort of snake oil for true feminist theory and praxis. We’ve been sold a bottle of water, labeled water, that is actually a container full of antifreeze: But it says WATER, so I’ll keep drinking it!

And so, finally, at last, Everydaymisogyny.com has published a forthcoming, honest piece by an MtT in which it is made clear that feminist terminology, feminist language, feminist thought must die in order that men can lead happier lives. I’m not linking to the piece, but you can feel free to Google it.

Here are some choice moments from the piece, accompanied by my thoughts:

A month ago, I cried for the seventh time this year.Powerful opener. Know why he was crying? Because he had to call TWO numbers before finding the proper nail salon. Can you imagine, sisters? I mean HOW FUCKING HORRIFIC. Basically, the author spends the first few paragraphs of the piece lamenting the fact that women have eyes and ears and know he is male.

He then goes on to acknowledge the many gains men have made:

We now have enough visibility and support to write our own books, host our own news segments, and star in television series. This has led to many conversations between trans women and cis women to build solidarity.Men now write books! Host news segments! Star in television series! Can you believe this, sisters? What times we live in! Oh, brave new world!

And then it gets honest. Then, the author selects a few feminist phrases that he thinks should no longer exist, because they hurt his feelings and the feelings of other men who feel like ladies. For example, he thinks we should no longer use the term “female-bodied.” It gives him sads.

This is a step towards unlearning that penises equates to maleness. That our breasts, whether flat or hormone-grown or implanted, are our breasts and just as natural as any other breast.
Look here, sisters. There are some things YOU need to UNLEARN. Namely, basic biological concepts. Know why you need to unlearn this? Because it HURTS MENS FEELS WHEN YOU KNOW THINGS ABOUT YOUR BODY. This man is here to tell you that it is VERY IMPORTANT that women no longer have language to accurately talk about their bodies and biological functions. This man wants to make sure that we no longer know how to name our anatomy because when we are able to discuss our physiology, it HURTS MENS FEELS. God!

*Sidenote: there is a reason why Our Bodies, Ourselves was so fucking revolutionary and important when it was first published, like, thirty years ago (which, historically, is a fraction of a second): WOMEN DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO TALK ABOUT THEIR BODIES. Fuck, women STILL don’t know how to talk about their bodies, but here is some guy trying to sell you on the idea that you OUGHT NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR BODY because it ruptures the cozy gender bubble that floats him through life.

Not recognizing our bodies as naturally female supports a patriarchal culture that defines what a woman’s body is. –Translation: it hurts my feelings that my penis isn’t a female body part.

In other news, it hurts my feelings that cigarettes are bad for me.

He further explains why we should no longer say “female identified,” and bemoans the fact that women don’t have to pretend to be women:

[Female identified] is usually used to be inclusive with the thought being “If you identify yourself as a female, you can be in this space.” Except, do cis women have to exert their womanhood as often as we do? No, not nearly so. – Sorry to break it to you, brother, but I don’t have to “exert my womanhood” because I am a fucking woman. End of story. If I identified as a man, I’d likely have to EXERT my manhood, because I’m not a man. If I identified as a parakeet, I’d have to work really fucking hard to exert my parakeet-hood. Life is unfair like that.

Oh, but he has a simple solution to this problem:
The solution is simple: Advertise that your space is for “trans and cis women,” and we will all come. [. . .] Instead of saying trans women are welcome to an event run by cis women, have actual trans women in leadership positions to create the events that center and support us. – Are you seeing this, sisters? PUT MEN IN CHARGE of women’s events. CENTER their needs. It is THAT SIMPLE.

(Seriously though, I really do appreciate the honesty of this piece.)

Then, of course, he addresses the super problematic terms Womyn and Wombyn (which almost no one ever uses, and which I think are kind of stupid anyway, but not nearly as stupid as this author’s “analysis”):

Whether a woman has a womb or not, her womanhood shouldn’t be dependent on what she produces.Yes, sir. That’s kind of a basic feminist conceit. You didn’t invent that.

“Womyn” was created to de-center “man” from the spelling of woman. It was a feminist and political move to create spaces that focused on women’s issues. In theory, this is a great idea!Translation: In theory de-centering men is a great idea – EXCEPT that it de-centers men!

Take the Michigan’s Womyn Festival for example. They’re celebrating their 40th anniversary this upcoming August and yet, they are still exclusionary to trans women after being called out multiple times.Here, the author links to an Advocate article that “calls out” MichFest. I love the deference paid by liberal feminists and trans activists to woman-hating gay orgs and publications like The Advocate. Oooh, The Advocate “called out” Michfest – who fucking cares? Since when is The Advocate an authority on anything? Since when should women give a fuck what The Advocate has to say about anything? But if you want to see The Advocate as some ethical arbiter, some moral compass, rock on, idiot.

No tran-splanation would be complete without an attempt to debunk the “myth” of male privilege:

Simply put, you must be male to benefit from male privilege. Trans women aren’t male, so we don’t benefit from male privilege and never have.There’s never any evidence or real, thoughtful analysis to back up this claim. Never. “Trans women aren’t male.” – We’re supposed to take that on face value, just accept it because some dude is saying it is so.

“Here, this antifreeze is water. Chug-a-lug!”

Yes, it is true that cis and trans women have different experiences. Our womanhoods are vastly different. [. . .] I know the stakes of being a trans woman are higher in terms of extreme violence, death, and suicide (and again, we’re barred from accessing critical resources for women, thus leaving us more vulnerable).1) Our “womanhoods” are vastly different because you’re a man. 2) Right. Right. Right. 1 in 2 trans women are murdered. 99% of trans people kill themselves. All of this is the fault of mean women who have eyes and critical thinking skills. YAWN. Got it. NEXT.

My cis women friends have learned how to listen to my experiences and validate what doesn’t reflect their own without any qualifications.Translation: my female friends just accept what I say because they’ve been trained their whole lives to defer to men, and because they’ll be called bigots if they don’t take every word out of my mouth as gospel.

So there you have it. Finally, a piece where a trans writer is admitting what many of us have known – the remaining detritus of feminism has to be burnt away so that men can fully live out their gender fantasies. At least he’s being honest.

Enjoy your Liberal Feminist movement, y’all.

32 thoughts on “A moment of honesty from Everydaymisogyny.com

  1. An extraordinary essay. I thank you for articulationg with such power and perspicacity what’s been rumbling incoherently around my head. And just so you know, I love the word perspicacity, and only use it for the writing that achieves brilliance. Thank you.

    1. Every sentence in this brilliant piece is quotable.
      Indeedy, yes!
      (and I will never look at cheetos the same way again…)

      Of course, I am a twanzsquirrel, so I live everyday in a world where cis-squirrels exclude me, and do not centre their squirrelness around ME ME ME !

  2. Thank you so much for such a clear and disciplined take down of this Libfem and Trans-against-women garbage. I have tried to make my case with these folks but it is like arguing with a jackass on a trampoline – they bounce all over the place, are loud as heck and can’t be reasoned with. You just went in and took it all down board by board and I can only hope that some young libfems will read this and eventually see how bad they are being used by people who don’t care about them.

  3. How coud anyone think this is feminism. .the guy is telling us that his feelings are more important that the liberation of women..and what bs with the constant suicide and more oppressed bullshit. .as if an6 of this writers have any idea of the real victims usually misguided young mtf trapped 8n circle of violence ..

  4. Reblogged this on Thou wouldst still be adored and commented:
    “So there you have it. Finally, a piece where a trans writer is admitting what many of us have known – the remaining detritus of feminism has to be burnt away so that men can fully live out their gender fantasies. At least he’s being honest.

    Enjoy your Liberal Feminist movement, y’all.”

  5. “Our womanhoods are vastly different.”
    “Trans women aren’t male, so we don’t benefit from male privilege and never have.”

    Bruce Jenner was able to train for, compete in, win, and build a career and fortune, on the Olympics Decathlon. Yeah, that event women weren’t allowed to compete in.

  6. Reblogged this on Feminist at Sea and commented:
    This piece articulate precisely why it is so important to debunk transgender myths about being female. If we do not stop the war transactivists are waging against us, we will cease to exist and all the gains we have made will be undone. This is already happening.

  7. This essay is amazing. Wow can you write and break down this crazy gender bullshit. I’m trying to talk to any “normal” person who isn’t up on feminism as it stands today about it and the reactions are always the same. They’re like “WUT?” I got my 70-year-old white het male father all caught up on it. He’d never heard about it. He was extremely perplexed and a little angry–especially after I told him about the trans in women’s locker rooms and “female penis.” His eyes glazed over when I tried to talk about deconstruction and social constructs though, and he’s a smart guy. Hell, whose eyes *wouldn’t* glaze over with that newspeak? Like Southwest88 said, it really is like arguing with jackasses on trampolines (LOL!) because the logic/not logic is a jackass on a trampoline.

    Who’d have thunk that a het, unfortunately highly feminized/brainwashed girl like me, upon delving into the world of feminism after a brief exposure to it in college many years ago, would find herself reading pretty much exclusively radical lesbian feminist blogs because the other feminism makes no fucking sense?

    1. Yes … it is weird. My male family members also think that separating feminism from female biology makes no sense, and they usually think me too radical.
      Of course, the older generation remembers the fight for abortion rights, and if penis is female, and uterus male, then abortion wouldn’t be a feminist issue. Which makes no sense at all.

  8. This piece is so well written that it feels like silk. The bit about parakeet identity made me really laugh – out loud – genuinely. Neo liberalism and its pro sex(ism) feminism is a sham , in the same way hitler describing concentration camps as holiday camps was. We are sleep walking towards a precipice where we loose sight of trusting our own eyes and just do what were told. This is such a dangerous place to be with regards to humanity as it is a pre genocide indicator, im just not sure who the victims are going to be.

  9. I’ve always been a feminist but considered myself very middle of the road until I came across all the ghastly rubbish being peddled by transactivists. Now, it seems, I am radical, and not just radical, a TERF – simply because I insist that feminism is about the interests of females, regardless of class, race, culture but _not_ of biology.

    I can’t believe so many who identify as feminists seem to fall for this “cis” crap. I’m not going to call myself cis. I’m a woman. What does “feeling like a woman” mean in terms of feminism? One of our core beliefs is the rejection of gender cliches, and being a woman isn’t a “feeling”, it’s fact. Feminism is necessary because females are oppressed – worse in some parts of the world than others – based on our female bodies. Male bodies aren’t oppressed in the same way. And not only are transgender women not female, but their attempts to appear “womanly” seem to depend on playing to the grossest gender stereotypes while, in the demands they make of women, their male privilege comes across loud and clear. Their interests are _not_ the same as ours, but their demands are so insistent they appear to be subverting feminism by denying its root and core: female biology.

    Initially, I was amazed a site calling itself Everydaymisogyny.com ran this piece you comment on so ably. But when I went to the source I found that there were quite a lot of articles by transgender women, all explaining how they should be treated/placated. I wanted to comment but you can’t. Nowhere for comment or debate. It tickled me that a supposedly feminist site would leave no room for comments – what quiet, docile creatures they must think us. Then I spotted an article “It’s Not Cool to Wear a Culture as a Costume.” In the context, that made me chuckle. If it’s not cool to wear a culture as a costume, how cool is it when blokes insist feminists accept them as female?

    N.B. Brought up this issue and explained it to some heterosexual feminist men. They couldn’t believe the cheer effrontery of transactivism, or understand why any feminist would give these guys house room. They too, it seems (and much to their surprise), are TERFs. Oh, and I still have my copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves.

  10. Found you as an island of sanity, googling today because the Jenner agenda is damned dangerous as propaganda. Radical feminists don’t need some unknown dude claiming solidarity; why should you trust me? But I’d like you to know the extent of censure about the topic even when men are writing. The Guardian UK removed this comment that I wrote yesterday — hardly radical I would think —within minutes of my posting to a Jenner article :
    “…how she feels inside” seems to be the politically correct way to explain the decision by males like Jenner who decide to transition to females. Must I give up my critical thinking about Ms. Jenner? And incidentally, nobody gets to call me cisgender just because they say so — I’m male, that’s my gender. Period (even though I’ve never had the kind girls have). As a guy I don’t particularly “feel inside” like a male. I have male body parts, have never like a female with xx chromosomes worried that I might be or be able to become pregnant after sex, never had a period or fears of breast cancer but instead had to worry about prostate cancer, and have a sense of personhood plus a place in the group of men worldwide based mainly on my genitals. Sometimes as a guy I’ve felt what some consider “feminine” (I consider humane) leanings — to love the earth without poisoning her, to extend compassion to the hateful, and so on. What I never wanted to do was dress up specifically in women’s clothing and makeup, but for decades there have been cross-dressing gay males in cabaret doing just that. They consider themselves gay males and apparently like Ms. Jenner they kept their male genitals. No people, gay, questioning, straight, whatever, should ever face discrimination. But how has what Ms. Jenner’s up to currently highjacked our common sense to the extent that it has collectively? To be nice and caring to others who have been discriminated against do we have to give up our critical thinking? I’ve known xx-chromosomal women raped, knocked up by oppressors, and to be nice and caring I didn’t give up the critical thinking about their risks and how they might make better decisions for themselves after horrific discrimination at the hands of men in their lives. Can’t I think that Ms. Jenner seems really to be getting off on this whole thing and that maybe she just needed the cabaret in the first place instead of the Olympics as Bruce? I love Ms. Jenner’s look; I appreciated Mr. Jenner when he was on the Wheaties box. But how is any of this news when the doublespeak that makes no human sense invents new words like cisgender as if Ms. Jenner is now more of a woman than any other woman, claiming sex supremacy as a female just as Mr. Jenner was once one of the world’s most celebrated physical specimens of men? And yes, if there’s a heaven, GLBTQQ people and straight people and any other people there might be will get there based on love instead of hate, so nothing I’ve written comes from a religious hypocritical hatemongering fundamentalist point of view.

  11. That website sounds like a joke, but you did a good piece about that article. The trans cult is a male worshiping cult that can only exists as long as people continue to play along with them, whether out of fear or misplaced pity.

    It absolutely is not compatible with real feminism, even some conservatives articles have pointed that out. You can’t simultaneously think that sexist stereotypes about women are insulting and untrue while thinking that men can become women by following those stereotypes. (On a superficial level at least.)

    I am no fan of right-wing/liberal/mainstream dick-worshiping “feminism”.

  12. Also, I am tired of hearing fake statistics about murder rates against trans people. They would be extinct by now if they were murdered at the rate they claimed. He talks as if women don’t experience violence just for being women; the majority of women are raped at some point in their lives and all of us have experienced some kind of sexual harassment.

    As for suicide rates, it’s not because of oppression or the suicide rates of people of color would be way higher. The suicide rates stay the same after SRS because it’s not a “create a whole new person surgery” and underlying mental health issues are almost never addressed because money, money, money.

    I don’t believe any statistics coming from their organization because they always lie. The trans movement also has a habit of declaring dead people to be trans. They declare that famous historical women figures who thought against male oppression, including ones who were obvious lesbians were really “trans men” and call them he. Anne Lister is one example.

    Teena Brandon is another example. Teena Brandon was a butch lesbian who was in a crappy situation in a small town and passed as male to survive. She was raped and murdered when men found out. Her female friend who was interviewed called Teena a lesbian, but the that truth was later censored and she was declared to be a “trans men” after she died.

    So, I find all those statistics to be questionable at best.

    1. The suicide rates … I have seen men cite the higher suicide rates of males as proof that men are, allegedly, oppressed.
      Somehow, it always must be someone else’s fault … women’s fault. They are inable to acknowledge that men have been doing everything to turn the odds in their favour for thousands of years, and that if there was a cure for the male drive to commit suicide, they would have found it … if it suited men as a class to do so.
      (It is well possible that all men would be healthier if women were in charge. After all, patriarchy has brought us to the state of the world as it is at the moment. Trying to cure that with more of the same – more patriarchy – is nonsensical. And of course there’s relatively woman-friendly countries such as Iceland, where men live longer than in patriarchal hellholes where men get to decide everything in men’s favour, or even the “feminist model country” Sweden.)

  13. Excellent takedown!

    What gets me the most–if I had to pick one thing–is that denial of male privilege. “I’m not a man in my brain, ergo I never experienced male privilege.” As if male privilege is something that comes exclusively from within; like it’s an inborn part of “male brains,” and not something created by a society that values the thoughts, feelings, opinions, and presence of men above those of women. Men are not born feeling like they matter more than women; they’re told that not just by the media, but by a world that automatically defers to them, allows them to speak, and actually listens when they do. Male privilege is not about the brain. It’s about how people see a man and treat him differently.

    Did you look like a man for the first x years of your life? Then you have been the beneficiary of male privilege, toots, and the mere fact that you’re allowed to post this drivel on a supposedly feminist site is proof of that. The mere fact that your whining about how you’re sooooo oppressed because you want to wear lipstick and how much painy painy pain pain you’re in because you can’t is taken seriously and people sympathize, while women who try to speak about our actual oppression are told to stfu, is proof of that.

    So if men who don’t “feel” like men are allowed to airily declare themselves entirely free of male privilege–if male privilege is based solely on whether or not the man in questions FEELS privileged–then male privilege is obviously not real and nobody needs to think about it or consider in what ways they may contribute to it. Nope, male privilege is solely an opt-in thing. Which means next time a man is pontificating on some subject, talking over women or ignoring their contributions or explaining how they’re wrong about something, and is told that he’s exerting his privilege or benefiting from it, he can just wave a hand and say, “What? Not me. I don’t feel privileged inside, so you’re wrong!”

    Just what we need: another way for men to deny sexism.

    Gah, how and why are other women buying this shit?

  14. I also posted a critical analysis of the same article on my blog. It struck me that the article was a kind of “mission statement” for the trans movement. And it was given a huge platform by the organization that published it. As such, it needed and continues to need, lots of solid analysis of its many grievous logical failings.

  15. Thank you for making an excellent post about EverydayMisogyny.Com. That site used to have me fooled, but I stopped drinking the antifreeze and am much happier with the logical radical feminists (actual feminists!) who do not buy into it. Why is every post on a “feminist” site like theirs supposed to be about trans issues and not women’s issues. I’m sorry, women have been fifty percent of the populace and have been suffering under patriarchy for quite some time before the trans movement began. Perhaps that matters to feminists?

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